CSA Nominations…It’s about Community

The Canadian Screen Awards may showcase some of the best work in film and television,  but it also highlights some of the longest lasting and productive relationships in the business.  

Amin Bhatia and Ari Posner have collaborated on multiple film and TV projects for more than two decades. This year, their joint efforts have been doubly honoured with CSA nominations for Best Original Score on the live action series Anne with an E (CBC/Netflix) and also for Best Original Score on the animated series Let's Go Luna (PBS/TVO).  Their recently released Anne with an E soundtrack (Varese Sarabande) is a huge hit among fans of the show.
For Amin and Ari it’s always been about community over competition. What could be more relevant at a time when composers world wide are banding together to rectify inequities stemming from the new streaming models which are exciting for viewers but need some adjusting for creators.

So, to all the composers we wish the best of luck, and we look forward to spending time honouring each other and all the people who make up Canada’s film and TV  industry.

Amin Bhatia and Ari Posner

www.aminbhatia.com            www.arimusic.com

Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television

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