Drum Corps and Additional Licensing


When Amin Bhatia first composed The Interstellar Suite he had no idea the music would find its way to the world of marching bands and drum and bugle corps.  Looking back it makes sense though, afterall IS first debuted at the Vancouver Planetariurm, then shortly after in Australia for the Benson and Hedges Symphony of Fire fireworks.

In 1989 Jay Bocook, who had become a fan of the music, wrote an arrangement for The Spirit of Atlanta’s yearly drum corps entry. The resulting performance was nothing short of spectacular. They were the first and certainly not the last. In 2000, Amin and his family were invited guests of the Alan C. Pope High School Marching Band from Marietta Georgia, during their Bands of America finals in Indianapolis. Within an enormous stadium, a full ensemble with colour guard and props performed exciting Interstellar Suite interpretations before an amazed composer. That invitation served as an introduction to the next generation of audiences worldwide.

Carolina Crown performs at the 2014 DCI World Championships at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN.

Over the last twenty five years drum and bugle corps all over North America and Europe have delighted crowds with their unique presentations and many have come home champions.  There's even baton twirling and skating routines.  Soon after Virtuality was released it too found its way to amazing drum corps arrangements.

Amin is very grateful to all the performers, arrangers, producers and fans currently in drum and bugle corps or in their many alumni organizations.   It's a pleasure to connect with the players and arrangers and every season it's thrilling to see the ensembles perform, advance, and entertain.

Special thanks to Jeff Hartowicz at DCI, Jim Coates Artistic Director Carolina Crown, Alan Armstrong at Atlanta CV and alumni member Andre Cordeau, and Jeni Paulson and her crew at Copycat Music Licensing.

For information on licensing for Drum Corps & Additional Licencing contact Koyo Sonae at Soundtrack Music Associates.