In The Dark


In The Dark

Canadian Screen Award
Best Film Score

A made-for-television movie, this Gemini Award winning thriller is directed by Leonard Farlinger (“The Perfect Son”) and stars Kathleen Robertson. The musical score for Shaftesbury‘s “In The Dark” was written and produced by Amin Bhatia, with additional music by Meiro Stamm.

Awarded a 2005 Gemini Award for music, the score is edgy and modern, pulsing and skulking throughout the mystery. Like the story itself, the music never gives away the characters’ secrets.

Cast: Kathleen Robertson, Michael Murphy, Joanne Vannicola and Fiona Reid.
Producer: Christina Jennings
Co-producers: Laura Harbin, Virginia Rankin
Co-executive Producers: Kim Todd, Scott Garvie
Director: Leonard Farlinger
Scriptwriters: R.B. Carney, David Fraser
Music: Amin Bhatia, with additional music by Meiro Stamm