The Interstellar Suite Live


Drum corps and marching bands across Europe and North America have delighted crowds with unique presentations of Amin Bhatia’s music and come home champions.

Composer Amin Bhatia never dreamed The Interstellar Suite would find its way into stadiums, but when The Spirit of Atlanta introduced the composer’s signature blend of melody and dynamics to marching bands, it opened up a new world of performance. The Interstellar Suite has appeared as a feature at the Vancouver Planetarium, in Australia for the Benson and Hedges Symphony of Fire, in baton twirling and figure skating competitions, and in marching bands and drum corps championships. It is now a yearly repertoire favourite.

for Marching Bands, Ensembles, and Orchestras

When licensing one or more Interstellar Suite tracks for your ensemble you will now get The Interstellar Suite Condensed Score,
featuring every note from the original midi files of Amin’s epic, transcribed into something that is musically accurate,
while still allowing for you to arrange your own unique interpretation.

The package contains a watermarked PDF of the condensed score as well as Sibelius, XML and MIDI files along with an audio reference copy.

For licensing details please contact Koyo Sonae at Soundtrack Music Associates.
Licensing for Amin’s other album tracks “Virtuality” and “Requests from the Vault” is also available.


Available from our Store as a full-colour, ring-bound, soft-cover 11 x 14 book for the most serious armchair conductors.
It is also a hard copy reference for any arranger of the suite.
A watermarked PDF is also available for sale.

Amin is grateful to all the performers, arrangers, producers and fans currently in drum and bugle corps or in their many alumni organizations.  It’s a pleasure to connect with the players and arrangers and every season it’s thrilling to see the ensembles perform, advance, and entertain.

Performed here is the Jacksonville State University Marching Southerners in a 2022 post-game show.