Amin Bhatia Music Underscore Demo

Featuring scenes from Anne with an E, Flashpoint, X Company, Going Back, and Get Ed.
This is a private video for audition purposes only.
All rights reserved. Continue reading

Bolero Electronic in 8 Minutes

On Amin Bhatia’s Virtuality, Bolero Electronica (based on Maurice Ravel’s Bolero), showcases 100 years of synths in chronological order. This video is an 8-minute edited version with a follow-along timeline of synths. Continue reading

2016 Canadian Screen Award Nominee – Amin Bhatia

In an exclusive SOCAN video interview from the SOCAN 2016 Canadian Screen Awards nominees party, we talk to Amin Bhatia – a nominee, with composing partner Ari Posner, for Best Original Music Score for a Series, for their work on X Company’s “Trial By Fire” episode. Continue reading

Making the Music of Flashpoint

This special feature video is from Season 4 of the Flashpoint DVD boxed set, and is a look into the scoring process with composers Amin Bhatia and Ari Posner. “Flashpoint” was written and created by Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern, and produced by Anne Marie La Traverse and Bill Mustos for Pink Sky/Avamar Entertainment. The music team was assisted by music editor Joe Mancuso with song placement and Music Supervision helmed by Chris Robinson and Andrea Higgins of Arpix Media. Continue reading

Making the Soundtrack to Mysteries of the Great Lakes (excerpt)

This two-minute excerpt comes from the film “The Making of ‘Mysteries of the Great Lakes'” shows a little of the music scoring process involved.The music for the full length IMAX documentary “Mysteries of the Great Lakes” includes the classic “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot and score by Amin Bhatia. Continue reading

Interstellar Suite Hit List

Hard at work practicing some challenging horn parts… Continue reading

Blue Devils B 2010 Paramount

This is a fun fan video shot of the Blue Knights in 2010 performing a piece from The Interstellar Suite. Continue reading

Carolina Crown Best 2014 DCI Moments

A quick look back at Carolina Crown’s performance including pieces from the Interstellar Suite. Continue reading

2015 Santa Clara Vanguard – The Spark of Invention

An exciting performance by the Santa Clara Vanguard which includes Virus from Virtuality. Continue reading

Mark Nash Senior Men’s World Title in 1989

The Interstellar Suite inspired competitive baton twirling world champion Mark Nash. Here is a video of Mark’s award-winning performance for the Senior Men’s World Title in 1989. Continue reading

The Moog Legacy – Virtuality

Featuring interviews about the far reaching influence of Bob Moog and how Amin Bhatia came to dedicate the album to him. Interviewed guests include Steve Porcaro, Patrick Moraz, Michelle Moog-Koussa as well as producers, engineers and musicians from “Virtuality.” Continue reading

Bolero Electronica section w/text guide – Virtuality

Here’s a two-minute video reduction to give you an idea of what gear you’re hearing. The ‘Virtuality’ CD booklet contains a full chart for Bolero Electronica as well a stanza by stanza guide written by synth historian Mark Vail. Continue reading

Inside The Computer – Virtuality

We explore making videos using Amin Bhatia’s latest release Virtuality. With the help of Music Academy Online and Second Life we are shown one interpretation of the virtual world where people can actually take a theme park ride through the album! Interviewed guests include Patrick Moraz, Steve Porcaro, Michelle Moog-Koussa, and Second Life’s Benton Wunderlich as well as producers, engineers and musicians from “Virtuality.” Continue reading

The Making of Bolero Electronica – Virtuality

We explore the inspiration for using 75 years of synthesizers; the origins of the instruments; and the challenge of putting it all together including footage of rare keyboards used at the esteemed Cantos Foundation. With Amin Bhatia are Roland founder Ikutaro Kakehashi, Steve Porcaro, Patrick Moraz, Michelle Moog-Koussa as well as producers, engineers and musicians from “Virtuality.” Continue reading

Making the Music for “Jane Goodall’s Wild Chimpanzees”

A bonus feature from the DVD: “Jane Goodall’s Wild Chimpanzees”, the IMAX/Science North film directed by David Lickley. In addition to recording with members of the Toronto Symphony and Opera orchestras, composer Amin Bhatia traveled to South Africa to record songs with the legendary Johnny Clegg and his musicians and singers. The bonus feature was directed and edited by Saul Pincus. Continue reading