Let’s Go Luna

Amin Bhatia, Ari Posner, and Kris Kuzdak have teamed up to travel around the globe with the fun animated series created by Joe Murray and co-produced by Joe Murray Productions, Cartoon Pizza, and Brown Bag Films for PBS Kids.

Children Leo, Carmen & Andy are introduced to a great big world through their friend Luna the Moon, as they travel around the world with their parents’ circus. Every day they share fun and hilarious experiences, ending with Luna magically appearing back in the sky as the kids return to their parents’ Cirque, their heads swimming with wonderful adventures of global culture.

“Being a cartoon lover I’m really having fun with this show” remarks Amin. “I get to do all the Warner Bros/Disney large scale orchestral stuff as an homage to the founder of cartoon music, Carl Stalling. The timing is everything and the gags are such fun for both kids and adults!”

The score has won several Canadian Screen Awards for Best Music for Animation.