IMAX Mysteries of the Great Lakes

Through several interlocking stories, including the story of maritime commerce and the ships that move cargo through the inland waterway, Mysteries of the Great Lakes takes you on a journey through the greatest lake system in the world, and showcase the amazing geography, ecology, science, and history of the region.

This was another IMAX adventure that Amin Bhatia scored for award winning director David Lickley. As part of the score Amin was honoured to arrange The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald written by Gordon Lightfoot as well as work with composer Micky Erbe who orchestrated and conducted this project.

Producer/Director: David Lickley
Writer: Stephen Low
Narrator: Gordon Pinsent

Music Score Composed by: Amin Bhatia
Orchestrated and Conducted by: Micky Erbe
Music Scoring Mixer: Cory Mandel
Music Engineers: Dennis Patterson, Mike Carroll, Kent Thomson
Music Editors: Meiro Stamm, Paul Talbott, Cory Mandel, Amin Bhatia
Recorded at: CBC Glenn Gould Theatre, Technicolor Studio 6, CBC Studio 210
Mixed at: Technicolor Toronto
Music Contractor: Beverley Spotton
Copyist: Martin Loomer
Solo Cello: Winona Zelenka
Harp: Erica Goodman
Guitar: Mike Francis
Percussion: Mark Duggan
Concertmaster: Mark Skazinetsky
Violin: Marc-Andre Savoie, Adele Armin, Angelique Toews, Csaba Koczo, Hiroko Kagawa, Sarah Fraser Raff, Becky Vanderpost, Wendy Rose, Bridget Hunt, Dominique Laplante, Ron Mah, Carol Fujino, Jane Maddison, Paul Zevenhuzen, Jenny Bacccante
Viola: Doug Perry, Susan Lipchak, Kent Teeple, Chris Redfield, Nick Eugelmi, Angela Rudden, Nick Papadakis, Anna Redekop
Cello: Maurizio Baccante, Paul Widner, Elaine Thompson, Igor Gefter, Amy Laing
Bass: Rob Wolanski, Robert Speer, Peter Pavlovski
Woodwinds: Les Allt (flute), Lesley Young (oboe), Max Christie (clarinet), Mike Sweeney (bassoon)
Horns: Joan Watson, Gary Pattison, Bardhyl Gjevori, Janet Anderson
Tuba: Scott Irvine

Supervising Sound Editor: Peter Thillaye
Sound Editor: Ed Douglas
Assistant Sound Editor: Susan Fawcett
Sound Effects Recordist: Stephan Muir
ADR Recordist: Jim McBride
Re-recording Mixers: Cory Mandel, Steve Foster, Paul Shubat
Foley Artist: Andy Malcolm, Goro Koyama
Foley Assistant: Brooke Graeff
Foley Engineer: Don White
Assistant Re-recording Mixer: Kent Thomson

Thanks to the American Federation of Musicians in US and Canada.
At no time were any musicians harmed during the making of the score.

Selected cuts available on The Planet: Music from the Films of David Lickley