Requests from the Vault


Requests from the Vault

...A Retro Voyage Into Vintage Synths and Unreleased Demos

This compilation is in response to the many notes Amin has received over the years asking for “that song that you did” which never ended up on any album, film or TV show. Requests from the Vault features unreleased tracks to his Virtuality album as well as the original contest entries which won him world prizes at Roland’s International Synthesizer Competitions. That led to the Manor March produced by Steve Porcaro which became a sound page for Keyboard Magazine. The full fidelity versions of all these pieces are included here for the first time.

Other tracks on Requests from the Vault are from built-in demos inside Roland Synthesizers in the late 80’s and early 90’s which were commissioned by Roland for Amin to compose. “It’s a wonderful and strange compliment to get requests for things inside a ROM chip”, says Amin, but he is happy to release these oft requested Roland songs like “The Answering Machine”, “Flight of the Bumble Dee”, “Dawn in the Forest” and “Microchip”!

In the recent analog synthesizer revival, sounds that were sometimes considered to be too raw are coming back as vintage. Requests From The Vault features many different vintage sounds from Amin’s old days of 4 track tape recorders and synthesizers that did not exist inside one’s phone. This retro release is remastered from the original sources using today’s state of the art equipment, hardware and software from Universal Audio and noise reduction by Izotope.


01 March of Progress (2004 Virtuality Bonus)
NI, VSL, Apple, Roland, Moog, Korg, Yamaha

02 Microchip (1990 Roland)

03 Evolutions (1987 aka Dawn in the Forest)
Roland D50, S50, MT32

04 Answering Machine Song (1988)
Roland S50

05 A Clockwork Lemon (1995)
Moog, Roland, Oberheim Yamaha

06 Flight of the Bumble Dee (1987)
Roland D10

07 Haru Ni (1986)
Roland, Oberheim, Yamaha

08 The Repair (2004 Virtuality Bonus)
NI, VSL, Apple, Roland, Moog, Korg, Yamaha

09 Feria Ravel Rhapsodie Espagnole (2004 Virtuality bonus)
NI, VSL, Apple, Roland, Moog, Korg, Yamaha

10 Manor March (1985) Produced by Steve Porcaro
Minimoog, DX7, Emulator II

11 Flight Beyond the Stars (1981 Roland Contest)
Minimoog Polymoog 4 track

12 Desert March of the Military (1982 Roland Contest) Minimoog, Polymoog TR808 and 8 track

All tracks composed and arranged by Amin Bhatia (SOCAN)
Published by Bhatia Music Inc (SOCAN)
Produced by Amin Bhatia, Steve Porcaro, David Greene, Dan Lowe, Barry Creamer.
Cover image, design and layout: The Twelve Steves

Released and Distributed online by Bhatia Music Inc.
All rights reserved.
Originally recorded and mixed in various locations between 1981 to 2008
Amin Bhatia is represented by:
 Vanguarde Artists Management (Toronto) Soundtrack Music Associates (Los Angeles)