As in the days of progressive rock LPs, "Virtuality" is a double concept album featuring two "sides". "Side A" is true to Amin Bhatia’s eccentric obsession with orchestral music and science fiction. Tracks like “World Wide Web”, “Virus Attack” and “Second Life” explore the wonder, complexity and chaos that exist inside your computer. Instruments used are both virtual and real using state of the art software synthesizers, as well as soloists from the Toronto Symphony and Opera Orchestras. The acoustic sessions were orchestrated and conducted by Jamie Hopkings.

'Side B' features "Bolero Electronica" an innovative realization of Maurice Ravel’s well-known work performed using vintage synthesizers dating back as far as 75 years. Everything from the Theremin and the Ondes Martenot, through generations of Moog, Roland and Yamaha equipment to modern day software from Arturia and Spectrasonics are featured verse by verse, culminating in a musical and historical journey through time. Many of the rare instruments came from the Cantos Music Foundation Museum, as well as from personal collections of friends and colleagues worldwide.

The entire album was recorded and mixed by award winning producers David Greene and Jeff Wolpert.

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